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Journal of Workplace Learning

The Journal of Workplace Learning aims to provide an avenue for the presentation and discussion of research related to the workplace as a site for learning. Its scope encompasses formal, informal and incidental learning in the workplace for individuals, groups and teams, as well as work-based learning, and off-the-job learning for the workplace. This focus on learning in, from and for the workplace also brings with it questions about the nature of interventions that might assist the learning process and of the roles of those responsible directly or indirectly for such interventions. Since workplace learning cannot be considered without reference to its context, another aim of the journal is to explore the organisational, policy, political, resource issues and other factors which influence how, when and why that learning takes place.

International Journal of Manpower

The International Journal of Manpower (IJM) is a double-blind reviewed journal provides guidance for those involved at all levels in human resource planning and labour economics. The journal publishes research papers, the results and analysis of which will have implications or relevance to policy makers and practitioners in relevant fields. IJM gives priority to strongly empirical/analytical research papers.

The field of human resource planning and labour economics is a complex one, influenced by the many social, technological and economic changes evident in the world today. The journal is an invaluable support to academics and researchers in the field, and to all those charged with setting policies and strategies relating to workforce issues.

The journal includes reviews of current literature, applied research articles, case studies and histories, as well as special and themed issues.

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