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Organizational commitment webinar

May 25th 2023

Last May 25, members of the ISSWOV community from 14 different countries had the pleasure to interact with two of the most widely known authors in the field of Management and Organizational Psychology: Natalie Allen and John Meyer, the creators of the three-component model of organizational commitment. In a 45-minute webinar they described how they developed their model, what made their model different and unique, how the person-centered approach brought a more robust methodology to study employee commitment, and why they believe their model is still valid in this post-pandemic era.


Thank you very much to Natalie and John for sharing their knowledge and experience with us!

We have decided to launch a new initiative to avoid a long wait until we see next year, having three webinars with top speakers in the following 14 months. It is my pleasure to announce that John Meyer and Natalie Allen, the parents of the Three-Component Model of commitment will be with us online on May 25TH broadcasting from Western University in London Ontario, Canada. Natalie and John will be describing the origin of the model, its booming use around the world, the famous meta-analyses, the person-centered approach, and talk about organizational commitment in the post-pandemic era. An unmissable opportunity to meet the authors of one of the most widely studied constructs/models in our field!

Luis M. Arciniega,
ISSWOV President

Natalie J. Allen
Western University Canada

John P. Meyer

Western University Canada

The webinar will be online and it will not be recorded. Pre-registration will be necessary to receive a personal link to join the Zoom session. 


The session will start at:

10:00 AM North America EDT;

3:00 PM Lisbon

4:00 PM Barcelona;  

5:00 PM Tel Aviv/Tallinn

REGISTRATION: click here
or scan the QR code!

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