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Modern multidimensional scaling and unfolding for applied researchers and consultants

Sunday, June 28th 2020

h: 09 - 12.00

Brief description of the session:

Multidimensional scaling (MDS) and Unfolding are powerful statistical methods that map proximity data (e.g., inter-correlation matrices) or preference data (e.g., persons‘ratings on work values), resp., into distances among points in multi-dimensional space. The purpose is to make it easier to explore, understand, or test the data structure. Both methods have seen many new developments in recent years (e.g., how MDS is related to factor analysis, or significance testing in MDS) but also numerous methods that enable the researcher to understand his/her findings in greater detail (e.g., identifying ill-fitting points or imposing external theoretical constraints in confirmatory MDS).


Researchers, consultants and master and doctoral students in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology and Organizational Science.


Intermediate knowledge of multivariate statistics and R. Participants are required to bring their own laptop with R & RStudio preloaded.

Instructor: Dr. Ingwer Borg







Ingwer Borg is presently visiting professor at the WWU, Münster, Germany. He was professor at RWTH; U of Giessen; Purdue U;  GESIS; and visiting professor at various universities around the world. He was also co-founder, R&D director, and executive consultant at Human Resources Consulting GmbH, and co-founder and president of ISSWOV and FTA. He has authored or edited more than 200 books, chapters, and journal papers on scaling, facet theory, employee surveys and various substantive topics of psychology from psychophysics to personal values.

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Deep diving into values: Leading by Values in Action

Sunday, June 28th 2020

h: 09 - 12.00

Brief description of the session:

This workshop will require participants to be prepared to spend time deeply exploring their personal and professional values in a mindful guided activity.  Participants should be aware that this workshop may have an emotional impact on some people, but that they should be reassured the activity is conducted in a safe and respectful environment. The facilitator will lead participants through a process that has been effective in a range of contexts both in Australia and internationally.

The second part of the workshop provides participants with the opportunity to put their knowledge of their values in to practice in group based problem solving scenarios that are engaging, demanding, and challenging from a values perspective. Participants can expect to take away a number of useful outcomes from this workshop, including a new or refreshed view of their values, an applied method to work with and lead others through a values based lens, and to further appreciate the power of diversity in leading contemporary work groups and organizations.



Pratictioners, consultants, and scholars in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology and Management.



No previous knowledge of values research or literature is required.


Instructor: Dr. Peter McClenaghan





Peter McClenaghan is a senior lecturer in the UNE Business School, University of New England Australia. He received his Ph.D. in higher education leadership from UNE. His research focuses on the relationship between generational values and leadership development; school leadership and empowerment evaluation capacity building; and trust and leadership. He has been a visiting academic at the ESADE Business School, Barcelona Spain, and the University of Tartu Estonia.

He is currently publishing in education journals that have a strong emphasis on applying research to practice. He has presented at a number of international conferences including the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement in Stavanger Norway where his work with his collaborator Dr Kerrie Ikin was positively received. His work on “leading by values” personal and leadership development has been included as part of four major Australian Government funded projects aiming to increase leadership capacity for international Ph.D students across the Asia Pacific and East Africa regions. He currently serves as editor on a number of international journals and sits on the Executive Committee for ISSWOV.

Massimo Borelli
Roger Sages

Registration via e-mail:


Each workshop: min. 8 - max. 20 participants

Pre-conference workshop fees:

- 60 euros for professionals (payment on site)

- 40 euros for students (payment on site)

Registration deadline: 30th April!

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